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Ozone system OZONFILT® Compact OMVa

Ozone system OZONFILT® Compact OMVa

Individually adaptable thanks to modular construction
Ozone capacity 5 to 70 g ozone/h

The OZONFILT® Compact OMVa is a complete, ready-to-use ozone system. The components are perfectly coordinated to each other.


  • Excellent process reliability through the use of a pre-assembled, complete ozone treatment stage with perfectly matched components.
  • Well-thought-out installation on a stainless steel frame for plug-and-play connection
  • Modular construction which can still be customised
  • Compression-proof ozone generator built in compliance with DIN 19627
  • Destruction of residual ozone gas for the removal of traces of ozone gas
  • Room air monitoring for traces of ozone gas via a gas detector with a sensor with long-term stability
  • Metering ozone, depending on the measured values, ensures a constant ozone concentration in the reaction tank

Technical details

  • Ozone metering point with a downstream mixing section made of stainless steel, with a series of static mixing elements for intensive mixing of the ozone/air mix.
  • Stainless steel reaction tank.
  • Ozone gas is safely converted to oxygen with the integral water separator in the residual ozone gas destruction unit.
  • A gas detector alerts you as soon as the limit values ??for ozone in the ambient air are exceeded and ozone production is stopped.
  • A central electric control ensures metering of ozone depending on the measured values and the control of all connected peripheral components.
  • Clear and simple operation, as well as signal exchange with higher-order control systems

Field of application

  • Food and beverage industry: Oxidation of iron and manganese, disinfection of potable water and rinser water
  • Swimming pools: Degradation of disinfection by-products, reliable microbiological barrier and production of crystal-clear water thanks to its microflocculating effect

Technical Data

Type                                              OMVa
Type: ozone generation system   OZVa 1 OZVa 2 OZVa 3 OZVa 4 OZVM 1A
Ozone output at 20g/Nm3 g/h 5 15 35 40 70
Cooling water volume (15 °C) l/h 10 - 60 20 - 60 50 - 100 70-100 90
Nominal throughput m³/h 1,5-5 5-15 15-30 30-45 45-60
Connected load V/Hz/A 230/50;60/1,2 230/50;60/3 230/50;60/6 230/50;60/6 230/50;60
Enclosure rating   IP 43 IP 43 IP 43 IP 43 IP 43